Netflix Raises Prices on Customers in UK


And you thought only those evil cable companies would raise prices on you incandescently? It looks like those original series like Daredevil and House of Cards are wearing on Netflix’ yearly budget because they’ve just announced a %7 rate hike for streamers in the UK. The old price was £6.99 (about $11) and will now balloon to £7.49 (Closer to $12).  Like other Netflix rate hikes in the past, this will only apply to new customers. Existing customers will still enjoy the old price for a full year.  Users were notified via email in the United Kingdom.  Is the US next?

Understandably, customers haven’t reacted positively to the news of previous rate hikes. But in the long run, is about $1 a month ($12 a year) really going to keep you from subscribing to Netflix? Comcast will raise some mystery fee by a dollar or two without any notice, right? Aren’t Netflix and other streaming services still the best entertainment deal money can buy?

All of this could just be a test. Netflix has recently been experimenting with advertisements within their streaming content. Would you prefer advertisements to a $1 rate hike in the future? That may be the choice you’ll have to make. We’ve recently launched a poll to find out if users are serious about their hate of advertisements versus their hate of rate hikes.  Which would you prefer?

Take our survey and we’ll publish the results in the coming weeks.