Netflix Original ‘Love’ – Quirky, Fun, Raunchy, Our Review

netflix love review

Our rating: 7/10

If you can survive the first 10 minutes of Netflix original ‘Love’ then you’ll probably enjoy the rest of the series. A sort of filter, viewers are greeted to the series with tons of sex and profanity, that while present through the remainder of the show, these first few minutes really let you know what’s coming.

‘Love’ follows the wonderfully convoluted lives of Mickey and Gus, two very different leading characters as they navigate the awkward first few months of getting to know someone with few romantic intentions that evolve as the pair continues to interact. Their chemistry is a high point of the series, as while we completely understand how the “quirky broken personality” meets the “ridiculously nice but goofy personality” has run its course, Mickey and Gus keep things fresh enough.

Netflix love

Plenty of auxiliary characters add comic relief and interesting dynamics, including friends, coworkers and exes. The show has a complete ‘Apatow’ feel, meaning fans of his work on shows like ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and more recent films like ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Trainwreck’ will know what they’re getting themselves into.

‘Love’ is not for the easily offended nor for those who don’t want to hear the world ‘fuck’ every 30 seconds. It actually was almost irritating how much the show tried to cram vulgar language into the script. Can’t say we’d normally notice nor care, but in this case it just seemed excessive for the sake of having an edge.

Regardless, Mickey and Gus’ blossoming relationship makes for a great, awkward, love story. Gus’s squirrely personality mixed with his attempts at witty humor really kept this show interesting. But despite seeming almost socially inept, a moment of realization came over us at the end of a date he was on, where Gus simply says something to the affect of “I’m not stupid” when calling into question the intentions of love interest Mickey.

One particular highlight was the juxtaposition of both Mickey and Gus attending the respective party of the other under somewhat off-balanced circumstances. Their differences fully revealing themselves while among their social circles.

I did find myself enjoying following the individual lives of Gus and Mickey almost more than I did their specific interactions. Watching Gus play the awkward tutor (on-set teacher) for child actors and Mickey bounce around her aging group of hipster friends made for some of the best scenes. Not to say their relationship hindered the show, but often it felt like it existed solely because the show’s whole premise was about romance.

The show has plenty of over-the-top plot devices, but ‘Love’ almost always feels realistic at its core. Relationships are complicated, love or otherwise, and this series does a great job making a case just how strange all human interaction can be.

Netflix has ordered ‘Love’ for a second season, and the show certainly has a foundation to build upon in the future, which looks like its set to continue in 2017.

Watch the series trailer below: