Netflix Original Jessica Jones Review: Sneak Peek NYC Comic Con

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New York Comic Con attendees were handed a special treat this weekend, when people in attendance for the ‘Jessica Jones’ panel were given first access to watch the new Netflix original series’ first episode in its entirety.

The initial reviews are in and the most common theme thus far has been that the show carries over a lot of the same stylings of earlier Marvel series ‘Daredevil’ but with more ‘adult’ themes. So far, especially with Daredevil and now seemingly with Jessica Jones, Netflix and Marvel’s partnership has proven to take comic book characters and bring them to life with a certain respect for the audience and their ability to handle less bubble gum and far more action in the direction of these shows.

The comparison we feel makes the most sense is that akin to the Batman movies. Noting the jump in quality from movies like ‘Batman and Robin’ to ‘The Dark Knight trilogy, a similar analogy can be applied between that of Ben Affleck’s rendition of Daredevil to the latest release from Netflix.

Not to say both more cartoonish adaptations don’t still have their place, but it is refreshing when a series is handled in a way that shows comic books aren’t always just for kids.

With the Jessica Jones premiere date set, and a whole bunch of teaser-trailers being released via YouTube, there is plenty of reason to be extremely excited for this newest series’ release.