Netflix Original Daredevil review: It’s going to be gruesome, dark, and really good

There’s nothing quite as terrible as watching your favorite superhero absolutely destroyed by the ‘cartoonization’ of the character, with cheesy lines, an awkward romance, corny villains, the list really goes on.

netflix daredevil review

So when Mark Steven Johnson went to town on Daredevil back in 2003, the theatrical version of the movie left plenty to be desired from one of Marvel’s most successful characters. What many people didn’t know, but what most viewer reviews will note, is that the director’s cut was actually an impressive showing, strangely leaving many quality elements out of what was shows in theaters.

Regardless, Daredevil is getting a fresh look this April 10th, when the Netflix original version releases. The trailer immediately caught mass attention as well as piqued the attention of early critics who were a bit more skeptical of whether or not Netflix production could handle the weight of a superhero series.

Screen Crush compared it to The Dark Knight, saying that the Daredevil series offers the opportunity to explore the character in a way a theatrical release can’t. Their review also stresses the point that, due to Netflix’s relaxed standards, Daredevil heads into gruesome territory that a PG-13 rating for mass appeal could never contain. Screenrant discusses the incredibly dark feeling looming over the entire show, but does mention the show has its humorous moments.

Daredevil also flexes its massive budget in all the right ways. Reports of very few special effects, but instead meticulous directing, production and cinematography offer the biggest reward for viewers.

For those less familiar with Daredevil, it follows Matt Murdock, a blind superhero, who at a young age fell victim to a chemical accident leaving him blind. Using this blindness to heighten his other sense, Murdock eventually takes on the Daredevil persona at night, fighting crime in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Phil Abraham directing, a clear departure from his work on Mad Men, but still with the quality of his directing abilities on full display. Drew Goddard handles most of the writing responsibility, bringing his long list of experience from hit shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, Angel and Lost.

Daredevil premieres all episodes on Netflix April 10th, 2015. Watch the trailer below: