Netflix Late Night Talk Shows? Chelsea Handler Reveals New Series With Unique Release Schedule

chelsea handler netflix

Chelsea Handler has been growing her resume on Netflix over the past year, with a stand-up comedy special and recently an exclusive series ‘Chelsea Does’ released partnering with the streaming service.

Now, Handler has revealed her next Netflix project announcing this week that she’ll be releasing a late night talk show on the service, with new episodes releasing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can read her full press release, written in pen posted on Twitter, below:

This is a very interesting move for the streaming service, as the majority of their original shows release entire seasons all at once, such as ‘House of Cards’ or ‘Narcos’ making it easy to quickly binge an entire series. But this new announcement makes for a change of pace release schedule.

Now could this eventually mean Netflix is hoping to move toward a standard schedule in order to create some longevity for more of their content or if this will just be a trial run for a specific genre of television remains yet to be seen. It seems like Netflix is fairly happy with their existing release methodology, but if such a ‘nightly release’ schedule pans out? Seems likely we could see a lot more of this in the future.