Netflix Down on Saturday – Luke Cage to Blame?

Netflix was down for a little over two hours this weekend, and fans were losing their minds on social media. While it might have just been a coincidence, Netflix *did* release their newest Marvel original series, ‘Luke Cage’ this weekend, so we’re going to arbitrarily assign blame to the new hit show being way too popular for Netflix’s servers.

In all seriousness, it’s rare to see Netflix go down, as they seem to have a pretty good grip on their own technology. Despite being one of the biggest bandwidth users in the world, it’s rare to actually see the service completely collapse under the pressure. Netflix hasn’t given a specific reason for the outage yet.

I honestly can’t even remember the last time the Netflix library was completely inaccessible.

One thing we’ll be curiously watching, if there is a slight spike in childbirth in approximately nine months, as couples┬ábored at home perhaps came to the realization that they could, ya know… find something else to do. In other words, perhaps less Netflix, more chill.

Regardless, the Netflix library uses approximately 1-3GB for standard streaming per hour, meaning if┬ámillions of people are all using the streaming service at the same time, we’re talking Google-levels of data usage at this point. So for Netflix to be as reliable as it is remains incredibly impressive.

What did you do with your 2.5 hours of no Netflix? Let us know in the comments.