Netflix Documentary Series ‘Chelsea Does’ – A Sign of Things to Come

chelsea does netflix

Netflix released the first few episodes of new original series ‘Chelsea Does’ this past week, a documentary series following comedian Chelsea Handler as she creates themed episodes about a variety of topics and current events.

The series, at least with the episodes currently available on the service, covers topics such as weddings, racism, drugs and tech. Through interviews and candid conversations, Handler offers her thoughts alongside opinions of others in each of these different examples.

Most interestingly though, is that we’re pretty confident this is Netflix’s attempt at developing a release strategy with more cadence. Compared to releasing all of a show’s episodes at once, Netflix is likely testing a new method here, with a handful of episodes released on a weekly basis, giving more┬álongevity┬áto shows that find themselves more timely and relevant. In other words, their recent mentions of looking to compete with VICE’s original documentaries and weekly series on HBO are likely finding the light of day.

It makes a lot of sense for Netflix to push this direction, likely perhaps even one day opening a platform where content creators can directly film and ship content. Imagine giving stars the ability to independently film and publish content on the Netflix platform in some regular schedule.

Could be a very interesting possibility.