Netflix Cancels ‘Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ Virtually Ending the Marvel Partnership

While this probably doesn’t surprise anyone, it still acts as a reminder of a deal that wasn’t set to survive.

Netflix has announced that the services will not continue with the ‘Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ series. This comes following the surprise cancellation of ‘Daredevil’ among other Marvel property cancellations.

More likely than not, these cancellations are due to the fact that Disney is launching their own streaming service this year, and because they own Marvel, likely didn’t want to continue playing nicely with a soon-to-be competitor.

Netflix and Marvel kicked off one of the biggest partnerships in streaming when they announced a multi-series launch of several Marvel properties. The earliest releases were critical and commercial darlings, with massive viewership and high scores on review sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

But over the last year, several major cancellations have taken place, first starting with some of the less popular Marvel properties, and now hitting the most successful.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, at this time it does not sound like Disney plans on continuing with the shows. This means that if these Marvel characters re-launch on the service, it will most likely be with new crews of cast, writers, producers and more.