Netflix Cancels ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Iron Fist’ – Culling The Marvel Partnership’s Ambitious Release Schedule

Netflix and Marvel seemed like a match made in heaven when Daredevil season one released several years ago. Jessica Jones’ first season also seemed like a big win.

But then the tides turned, and several weaker efforts seemed to signal a tiring audience. The partnership between Netflix and one of Disney’s largest properties has had trouble releasing a smash hit season of new hero since the initial few shows. Most people would say ‘Luke Cage’ was alright, but that ‘Iron Fist’ was a disaster.

And now here we are, Netflix has announced a cancellation of ‘Cage’ and ‘Fist’ most likely as a response to low viewership and critical flops.

However, could there be more to this collapse? 

Disney has recently made it public that they plan to jump into the streaming game with their own major streaming service sometime in 2019. Disney also owns the Marvel intellectual property. It wouldn’t surprise us that Disney wants to pull the Marvel content back from Netflix at some point.

Netflix still seems likely to run with Daredevil and Jessica Jones shows, but could they also be on a timeline? 

As far as we can tell, it seems likely that Netflix will retain the rights to the Marvel shows that the two entertainment giants agreed to sharing for the near future. And considering Netflix has their stamp on the existing seasons, those probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We’ll be following along closely to see how this deal shapes itself in the future.