Netflix Adds 1 Million New US Subscribers, 6.5 Million International

Netflix made a big bet when they expanded into almost every country in the world a few years ago. 

The infrastructural challenges, the negotiations with rights’ holders, marketing, everything, it was going to be a big challenge. But the hard work has apparently paid off, as in the last three months, the world’s premiere streaming service has added over six million new subscribers in their international markets. In total, they saw subscriber growth totaling around 7.4 million new subscribers when domestic numbers were included.

This beat Wall Street expectations, shooting the NFLX stock up almost 10% during their reporting this week.

The service has expressed that their big target for growth is going to be in the international markets, which has led analysts to project that Netflix wlil reach 250 million subscribers over the next several years, doubling their current subscriber count of around 120 million global subscribers.

This doesn’t even take into account the number of people sharing Netflix accounts with friends and family. While Netflix has under the table stated that it isn’t their goal to clamp down on password sharing, there is plenty of meat left on the domestic subscriber bone if they were to do so. It’s not like the people who are borrowing others’ passwords wouldn’t sign up for their own account if forced to do so.

Netflix continues to print money for their investors every month. In fact, if we had invested our life savings the same day we started this site to cover streaming services, we would have nearly quadrupled our money over that time. So it goes.