Moone Boy Season Three Premiering on Hulu May 13th

moone boy season three

If you haven’t watched International Emmy Winner Moone Boy yet, stop everything you’re doing and go watch the first two seasons, streaming on Hulu in the US right now.

Season three, unfortunately the final season of this underrated series, premieres on Hulu here in the states May 13th and has proven itself as a great continuation of the series that quickly became one of Hulu’s best acquisitions from abroad.

Moone Boy comes from the comedic mind of Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, The IT Crowd), as he plays the role of Sean, Martin Moone’s imaginary friend. Moone is a classic adolescent boy dealing with all the normal challenges that face most 12 year old children growing up in small towns. One immediately feels as if Moone Boy is written from O’Dowd’s own experiences; it seems sourced directly from the reality of childhood, everything from awkward friendships to clueless parents.

moone boy season three review

The ridiculousness doesn’t stop with Moone and Sean however, as despite him having a wild imagination, some of the most hilarious moments come straight from Moone’s family, who all have their own entertainingly mundane lives.

One of the best things about Moone Boy is that none of the story lines ever feel weak compared to the rest of the ensemble. While I do find myself gravitating toward Sean and Moone, some of the show’s mos hilarious moments feature Martin’s family and friends, all adding to the bigger picture of the Moone Boy story.

Moone Boy is based in the late 80s/early 90s, and the show stays true to this era through the costumes, attitudes and styles one would expect to find during that period, a hilarious tribute to a time most would likely opt to forget.

Martin – David Rawle Sean – Chris O’Dowd

Despite this being the final season of  the original Moone Boy, Chris O’Dowd has been asked to write a US version of the show, recently ordered by ABC.

While I will certainly miss this version of Moone Boy, I couldn’t be more excited that O’Dowd will be behind the remake.

Watch the Moone Boy series trailer below: