March 18th is Here Meaning Daredevil Season Two is Now Streaming on Netflix

daredevil season two

Friday morning has arrived, albeit perhaps extremely early, but it’s here. And because of that little turn of the calendar, it means Netflix has released ‘Daredevil’ season two to all subscribers, giving everyone¬†access to the series streaming instantly right now.

Last year the world was blown away by just how fantastic this portrayal of the Marvel character was. The first season of ‘Daredevil’ on Netflix was in stark contrast to the mediocre film released in the mid 2000s. The Netflix version maintained a dark and violent presence that made the characters feel deeper and far more developed.

In-between the first and second season, Netflix subscribers also saw the release of the first season of ‘Jessica Jones’ which was also well-received but hasn’t found quite as much positive press as the initial effort from ‘Daredevil.’ While we thought the first season of ‘Jessica Jones’ was fantastic, it might have suffered from being the second release in the Marvel partnership. ‘Daredevil’ didn’t have many expectations, and with the reviews and commercial reception being so positive, now all the following series releases have to jump a fairly high bar.

With that in mind, we’ll be watching closely to see how the second season of ‘Daredevil’ is received. Early reviews have been good, but there doesn’t seem to be quite as much excitement from critics, however certainly fan enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Between hints of Elektra and The Punisher making appearances in the early trailers alongside with the continuations of the first seasons’s stories, this weekend should be very telling.

Next in line for the Marvel / Netflix power couple is ‘Luke Cage’ which will release on the service September 2016, as announced earlier this week by the show’s star¬†Mike Colter.

You can watch the ‘Daredevil’ season two trailer below: