Make ‘Netflix Socks’ – They Pause Your TV Show If You Fall Asleep

netflix socks

Fancy yourself a bit of a hacker? Then Netflix has the perfect project for these cold winter months while you’re hibernating.

Netflix socks!

But not just any socks, these hacked internet-of-things-ish electronic socks can pause your Netflix shows and movies when you fall asleep, making sure you miss very little of the action while dozing off.

Read Netflix’s complete guide here

From the Netflix website:

Sometimes a show is so good, you just can’t stop. And the next thing you know, zzzzz. Netflix socks detect when you’ve dozed off and send a signal to your TV, automatically pausing your show. Never again will you binge-watch yourself to sleep, only to wake up two seasons later wondering what happened.

Here is a list of all the parts you’ll need in order to make these socks (pdf).

Certainly for the more technical hobbyists out there, these Netflix socks actually seem also like a great way to learn a new skill. With step-by-step instructions, this could be the perfect project for nearly anyone to try. And to think of the ridiculous possibility of a pair of socks that can pause your TV shows… icing on the cake.

Certainly gives a way to prevent getting chilly while watching Netflix, if you catch our drift.