Looking to Stream WWE Online? The WWE App Now Has 1.2M Subscribers


WWE is extremely popular, and has been for decades.

Though the cast and characters have changed, and the league’s name has gone back and forth a few times, WWE has been an entertainment powerhouse for an impressive amount of time. And with their modern thinking and progress in developing a world-class streaming network for all things WWE, it seems likely that the largest global wrestling entertainment network won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

According to Home Media Magazine, WWE has over 1.2 million subscribers to its proprietary streaming service, an impressive number for any individual service, and in some instances an impressive number against much more robust offerings. For reference, Hulu currently has nine million subscribers.

The WWE has also been extremely liberal with their content publishing on platforms such as YouTube, which has propelled the network to one of the most popular channels on Google’s streaming video service.

“Over the next year, we expect to leverage our brand and content initiatives to further enhance engagement, promote network subscription, and maximize our long-term earnings growth,” said CEO Vince McMahon in a statement regarding his intention to develop more opportunities for fans of the WWE to engage with its content.

Certainly the content owners and creators who are the most aptly preparing for the future of digital media consumption will continue to be rewarded for their efforts, and very few entertainment networks have figured it out as well as the WWE.

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