Kevin James Assassin Movie Coming Exclusively to Netflix

kevin james movie netflix

Kevin James is living the life.

His ridiculous movies keep raking in the dough, people on the internet complain about this very fact, but people keep showing up in massive numbers to see the big lug act his heart out as everything from a fighter, a firefighter pretending to be gay to a security guard and more. In other words, critics be damned, these movies are cash cows regardless.

Netflix has signed an exclusive deal for James’ newest movie The True Memoirs Of An International Assassin, set to premiere on Netflix in 2016. The movie won’t see anytime in theaters and will instead head straight to the streaming service as a Netflix exclusive.

The plot, you ask? James’ character writes a fictional tale about his life as an assassin that accidentally gets published as a non-fiction which people then start to assume is a biographical tale of James real life as an international killer for hire. Ridiculous, sure, but should be fun if you’re a fan of other Kevin James movies.

Bigger than the actual movie is the implication of Netflix starting to pull medium-budget films as Netflix originals. Goes to show that the production companies behind these films are starting to see some potential in distributing straight through streaming services, similar to 2014’s The Interview which ended up releasing on Netflix after Sony pulled the plug on a theatrical release.