Jon Stewart on HBO? CEO Says it Could Happen Before 2016 Presidential Election

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There’s no bigger name in satirical news than Jon Stewart, a man who pretty much invented comedy coverage of the ridiculous things going on in our world. From his 15+ years as ‘The Daily Show‘ host, we saw a master at work, parodying the ridiculous, calling out the bullshit, and educating a younger generation who otherwise might be less informed.

There’s been a bit of a vacuum in nightly news coverage since his departure from the series, but if HBO CEO Richard Plepler is to be believed, we might just get Stewart back before the 2016 general election gets underway.

Jon Stewart has been working on a future news series with the premium cable service, but details have been relatively sparse. But Plepler, while speaking at a media conference this week, put it simply, “Yeah, I’m hopeful” that Stewart will be hosting a new show before November.

There’s no doubt that Stewart himself likely can’t resist the opportunity to cover what might go down in history as one of the most ridiculous elections in recent memory. His voice has been sorely missed during some of Donald Trump’s biggest moments, but there is also plenty of meat on the bone for his voice in the coming months.

This new content offering will also be a major push for HBO to garner new subscribers to their streaming service ‘HBO Now’ and should work wonders drawing in coveted younger audiences. There likely won’t be anyone better for the job when it comes to 2016 election coverage.

We need you, Jon, and can’t wait to hear what you have to say.