Jeremy Clarkson’s New ‘Top Gear’ on Amazon Will Be Called ‘The Grand Tour’

the grand tour amazon

After months of deliberation, it looks like the cast of the original ‘Top Gear’ have finally decided on a name for their new Amazon original series, ‘The Grand Tour.’

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are all back, and the revelation¬†of the show’s name showed up on their Facebook page this morning, which you can check out here.

After an abrupt ending to Clarkson’s stint on ‘Top Gear’ the rest of the crew quickly resigned as well, and the group had been in talks with numerous networks and streaming services for their new show. Amazon Video made a massive deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars for a multi-year contract.

Clarkson has commented that Amazon has basically given the team full creative freedom, meaning they’re likely to be at their best. No doubt Clarkson’s bold personality will not be lost to the new streaming service.

Shen does ‘The Grand Tour’ premiere on Amazon? Great news, the streaming service announced today that Amazon Prime subscribers will get full access to the series come Fall 2016. Stay posted for more content and insider information as we gather it.