Jeremy Clarkson with the Last Laugh – Ex BBC Boss Says Firing Top Gear Star was Mistake

the grand tour amazon

Amazon Video made some waves when it signed Jeremy Clarkson for a new version of hit series ‘Top Gear.’ The streaming service ponied up big bucks to build the automobile heroes a new platform to strut their stuff. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are all on board too, leaving the BBC empty-handed.

Now with a massive budget and international distribution through one of the biggest streaming platforms, Clarkson and co. seem like they’re poised to pick up right where they left off.

It seems as if ex-BBC boss Mark Thompson agrees, despite Clarkson’s troubled exit from the series after he assaulted a producer.

“Clarkson can be a deeply objectionable individual, and I say that as a friend. I don’t think people should punch their colleagues. It’s hard to keep them if they do,” said Mark Thompson, ex-BBC boss, “But I would say his pungent, transgressive, slightly out-of-control talent was something the BBC could ill afford to lose. He spoke to people who didn’t find much else in the BBC.” (source)

There’s no doubt that Clarkson alienated plenty of people, but at the same time he was an extremely talented star, and the network was probably better off with him around.

Regardless, ‘Top Gear’ is now in a bit of a tailspin, but the success of the Amazon original has yet to be revealed. ‘The Grand Tour‘ is set to premiere on Amazon this year, as noted on their Facebook page.

Amazon paid big bucks for the rights to bring the series to their service, but there’s no doubt it will offer a big boost of subscribers to Amazon’s Prime Video service.