Is Netflix Removing Scrubs? We’ve Got the Details Here

scrubs on netflix

Netflix subscribers are acutely aware when one of their favorite shows has an expiration date listed next to the series profile on the service. Between Doctor Who, King of the Hill and others, fans are awfully protective of their beloved TV shows streaming on Netflix.

Lately, there have been some rumors that Netflix was going to be removing ‘Scrubs’ which has been a staple for the streaming service for quite some time. Of course people were getting worked up about this change on social media, but Netflix was quick to jump in to let everyone know they have nothing to fear.

So from what we can tell, Netflix has actually extended their licensing agreement with ‘Scrubs’ meaning we probably don’t have anything to worry about.

For those less familiar with ‘Scrubs’ it’s one of the best hospital shows with friends, love, humor and more. The series has a ridiculously fun group of characters, and after only a few episodes it’s easy to fall in love with their friendships, love interests, and general dynamics. It should only take a few episodes to determine whether or not you’d like the rest of the series.

And now you don’t have to do a massive binge-watch to see every episode, sounds like Netflix won’t be removing it anytime soon.