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8 residential internet and TV providers offer service to some part of Wyoming. They are listed in the table below.

Wyoming Internet Service Providers

Internet Provider State Availability
CenturyLink 69.4% 55.7%
Spectrum 53%
Vistabeam 22.9%
Rise Broadband 17.4%
Visionary Communications 13.1%
AllureTech 12.8%
Tri-County Telephone Company 11.8%
Action Communications 7.8%
Silver Star Communications 7.7%
Sweetwater Television Co 7.1%
RT 6.6%
All West Communications 5.8%
Wind River Internet 5.6%
Mountain West Technologies 5.6%
Collins Communications 4.3%
Fiberpipe Internet 4.2%
Vyve Broadband 4.2%
N.E. Colorado Cellular 2.1%
Advanced Communications Technology 1.9%
Union Telephone Company 1.5%
Bridger Valley Electric Association 0.7%
Range Telephone Cooperative Inc 0.6%
Dubois Telephone Exchange 0.6%
Windbreak 0.3%
Strata Networks 0.1%
Project Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association 0.1%
Celerity Networks 0.1%
New Cloud Networks 0.1%
Myvocom 0.1%
Birch Communications <.1%
Telecom West <.1%
NGL Connection <.1%
Blackfoot Communications <.1%
Wisp West <.1%

66% of homes have an option between DSL, fiber, or cable. 83% of homes can get two or more of any provider. Combined, this means competition in Wyoming is very weak at #48 out of 52 (50 states and Washington D.C./Puerto Rico).

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