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43 residential internet and TV providers offer service to some part of West Virginia. They are listed in the table below.

West Virginia Internet Service Providers

Internet Provider State Availability
Frontier Communications 87.5%
Suddenlink 35.5%
King Street Wireless 30%
XFINITY (Comcast) 27.5%
Micrologic 18%
Shentel 7.2%
Community Antenna Service 3.9%
Spectrum 3.9%
GigaBeam Networks 3.6%
Armstrong 3%
All Points Broadband 2.4%
Atlantic Broadband 2%
Telegia Communications 1.8%
HardyNet 1.6%
Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone 0.4%
Lumos Networks 0.4%
JB-Nets 0.4%
Centre TV Cable 0.4%
Westco Internet 0.3%
Blue Devil Cable 0.3%
QCOL 0.2%
Lycom 0.1%
Arx Web 0.1%
Mikrotec CATV 0.1%
GMN Broadband 0.1%
Prodigi 0.1%
Communications Plus 0.1%
Zito Media LP 0.1%
Declaration Networks Group <.1% <.1%
Crystal Broadband Networks <.1%
Hotwire Communications <.1%
New Era Broadband Services <.1%

72% of homes have an option between DSL, fiber, or cable. 83% of homes can get two or more of any provider. Combined, this means competition in West Virginia is very weak at #45 out of 52 (50 states and Washington D.C./Puerto Rico).

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