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29 residential internet and TV providers offer service to some part of Connecticut. They are listed in the table below.

Connecticut Internet Service Providers

Internet Provider State Availability
Frontier Communications 91%
XFINITY (Comcast) 50.9%
Optimum 23.6%
Cox Communications 12.4%
Spectrum 9.9%
Atlantic Broadband 3.8%
Verizon 2.3%
Thames Valley Communications 1.7%
GTT 1.3%
FirstLight Fiber <.1%
New Cloud Networks <.1%

92% of homes have an option between DSL, fiber, or cable. 92% of homes can get two or more of any provider. Combined, this means competition in Connecticut is somewhat healthy at #16 out of 52 (50 states and Washington D.C./Puerto Rico).

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