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73 residential internet and TV providers offer service to some part of Alaska. They are listed in the table below.

Alaska Internet Service Providers

Internet Provider State Availability
GCI Communication 79%
Alaska Communications 43.4%
Borealis Broadband 25.6%
Matanuska Telephone Association 21.3%
AlasConnect 10%
Ketchikan Public Utilities 3.5%
AP&T 3.1%
Interior Telephone Company 2.6%
United Utilities 1.9%
Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative 1.1%
Copper Valley Wireless 0.8%
OptimERA WiFi 0.6%
Eyecom 0.6%
Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative 0.6%
OTZ Telephone Cooperative 0.5%
Cordova Telephone Cooperative 0.4%
Vertical Broadband 0.3%
Ax-S-Anywhere 0.3%
Bush-Tell 0.2%
Bristol Bay Internet 0.2%
Fibre Alaska 0.2%
Southeast Communications Services 0.1%
Whitestone Power & Communications 0.1%
Adak Eagle Enterprises 0.1%
AT&T <.1%
Dry Creek Internet & Communications <.1%
ZochNet <.1%
Algona Municipal Utilities <.1%

61% of homes have an option between DSL, fiber, or cable. 76% of homes can get two or more of any provider. Combined, this means competition in Alaska is very weak at #51 out of 52 (50 states and Washington D.C./Puerto Rico).

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