Watch New Series ‘South Beach’ Online on Hulu Now

south beach on hulu

The East Coast / West Coast rivalry heats up on Hulu as they now offer the first season new series ‘South Beach’ this week, with all six episodes available to stream immediately for subscribers.

Produced by Dolphin Entertainment, South Beach is a mixture of telenova and soap opera, following several plot lines through various character lives. Of course the entire series does a great job intertwining all of these different stories, making the viewer really connect with each individual story over the length of the first season.

The show is shot entirely in Miami, giving locals in the area some fun, recognizable locations where the show takes place.

The coastal rivalry here is pretty fun too, as fans of ‘East Lost High,’ a Hulu original series, will likely enjoy a lot of the same styles on display in ‘South Beach’ with the same high quality production value seen in ‘High.’

Will there be another season of South Beach? No word on this yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we hear more from show producers Dolphin Entertainment.

Watch the ‘South Beach’ trailer below (h/t Deadline):