Hulu Original Starring Aaron Paul Changes Name from ‘The Way’ to ‘The Path’

aaron paul the way

Naming things can be really tough.

The minute you think you have landed the perfect name for something, a quick Google search can reveal alternative and undesirable associations, the word can be copyrighted for any number of reasons, or you might just find yourself risking a bunch of legal trouble.

That last example is what happened to upcoming Hulu original ‘The Way.’ The show creators have re-titled the series, now officially known as ‘The Path.’ TV Line is reporting┬áthat there were legal fears associated with calling the show ‘The Way’ as there is currently a real-life ministry known as ‘The Way International.’ As the show follows a man deep inside of a faith-based culture, the similarities probably felt a bit too close to make the show’s lawyers comfortable enough to proceed.

No harm done, yet right? The show formerly known as ‘The Way’ has just started filming, thus most of the advertising material and branding has been minimal, probably making it a lot cheaper in the long run to make the change now. A few details about the Hulu original series┬áhave been released, mostly that Aaron Paul will be starring (arguably his biggest commitment since Breaking Bad), and that the show will have a very dramatic overtone involving religion and family.

No trailers or still shots from the show’s filming yet, but once we have more details we will of course keep you posted. Hulu has been making some major progress with their original programming, with the recent release of comedy series Difficult People garnering some fresh attention. It will certainly be interesting to see how a drama of this nature does for the streaming service.