How to Watch This Weekend’s NFL Wildcard Playoffs Online


Ah the NFL playoffs, a bittersweet time, where 12 teams will be duking it out for Super Bowl victory, with 11 teams left out in the cold of that precious trophy’s grasp.

This weekend’s wildcard match ups should make for some exciting games, below we’ll break down how to stream each game online, in some cases free.

Here’s our guide to streaming NFL playoff games online.

Now for specific games:

Watch the Chiefs – Texans Wildcard Playoff Game Online

The Chiefs – Texans game will be broadcast on ABC and ESPN, meaning there are a few ways to watch this game online. The game starts at 1:35PM PST this Saturday.

Keep in mind too, that these games are broadcast nationally on ABC, so if you have an antenna but no cable subscription, you can watch the game on a normal TV without paying for cable. A lot of people forget that you can watch NFL games free with a simple broadcast antenna.

Watch the Steelers – Bengals Wildcard Playoff Game Online

The Steelers – Bengals game will be broadcast on CBS, meaning you can watch the game online through the CBS app as well as through some other services. Start a free seven day trial of the app here. The game starts at 5:15PM PST┬áthis Saturday.

CBS is also a broadcast network, and this game will air nationally, so no cable required if you have a high definition digital antenna.

Watch the Seahawks – Vikings Wildcard Playoff Game Online

The Seahawks – Vikings game will be broadcast on NBC, meaning you can watch the game through a few different services. The game starts at 10:05 AM PST on Sunday.

NBC will be broadcasting this nationally online, so you can watch the game free with a standard antenna setup as well, now you just have to get out of bed early enough to actually watch the game.

Watch the Packers – Redskins Wildcard Playoff Game Online

The last game of the weekend between the Packers and Redskins will be broadcast on FOX Sunday afternoon, with a start time of 1:05PM PST. FOX offers a number of ways to stream their content live which you can read below:

FOX is also broadcasting the game live, so a standard television/antenna will also work here just fine.

Are the NFL playoffs on Hulu, Netflix or other streaming services?

Unfortunately, streaming live sports aren’t exactly common on services like Hulu and Netflix. The services don’t often work with such timely content. While Hulu one day might offer some form of sports streaming, Netflix will likely not make any moves that direction anytime soon.