watch the flash online It has gotten a little noisy in the superhero television world. Between Arrow, Daredevil, Smallville, Agents of Shield and many, many more, there are no shortage of options anymore for people looking to watch their favorite action star on TV anymore. But surprisingly, and of course a few of you might disagree, most of these superhero shows have been extremely well made. Netflix’s recent Daredevil absolutely nailed it, Smallville was a classic from season one, Arrow has been hailed a major success…. the positive commentary over these shows has been overwhelmingly great. So naturally we would expect such releases to continue. Thus bringing us to The Flash, The CW Network’s recent expansion of the genre, following one of the fastest superheros of them all. The Flash is based in the same universe as Arrow, with the series following The Flash/Barry Allen as he uses his superhuman speed to stop crime, both from the lowlife criminals but also protecting us all from other super villains with their own powers. The Flash’s premiere was the second highest rated premiere on The CW of all time, behind only The Vampire Diaries. The show has been a major success in its first season and has been rewarded with a second season, so all fans can rejoice. Where can you stream The Flash online?

Is The Flash on Netflix?

Update 9/28/2015: The Flash’s first season will be available on Netflix October 6th!

As of today, The Flash is not currently on Netflix. But if Arrow is any indication, The Flash might have a chance at streaming on Netflix here in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled. Arrow is currently on Netflix so that should be a good sign. But then again… Smallville isn’t… Who knows with The CW.

Can you stream The Flash on Hulu?

Update 10/7/2015: You can stream the most recent episodes of The Flash season two on Hulu the day after they air!

While this won’t do you much good if you’re looking to start streaming the show fresh, you can watch the most recent five episodes of The Flash on Hulu, so for those who missed the season finale or wanted to catch a few random episode toward the end of last season, you’re in luck.

The Flash on Amazon Prime Instant Video

While not free, you can stream The Flash on Amazon Instant Video at about $2 per episode or $40 for the whole first season. Not a bad deal right now while the availability of The Flash on other streaming services is somewhat limited.

The Flash on iTunes and Google Play

Same as with Amazon, The Flash is available on both Google Play and iTunes but for a small fee, $2 per episode in SD or $3 in HD, with similar pricing for the whole first season. Take your preference among the streaming services, keep in mind though that iTunes makes it hard to Chromecast, but you can still use Apple TV or other devices with iTunes installed.

Will there be another season of The Flash?

Yes! The Flash has been renewed for a second season, so don’t fear about the show being cancelled. Watch the series trailer for The Flash below: