How to Watch the Fear the Walking Dead Premiere Online

AMC’s newest show Fear the Walking Dead is lining itself up to be a smash hit of the Fall 2015 television season. 

Instead of focusing on the aftermath of a mysterious zombie outbreak like its big brother, Fear the Walking Dead has instead decided to focus on just exactly how things went to hell during the years previous to the main show’s plot. 

Watch the first three minutes of Fear the Walking Dead online here:

With a smaller cast and more focus on a family instead of a handful of strangers Fear the Walking Dead should answer a lot of questions and is likely a must watch for any Walking Dead fan. With AMC already signing on for a guaranteed two seasons, we also know that Fear the Walking Dead is going to be around long enough to enjoy. 

So where can you watch Fear the Walking Dead online? There are currently a few options:

  • Hulu has signed a mega-deal with AMC to bring subscribers the first two seasons online through the service.
  • Amazon Prime has the shows available as well for purchase.
  • AMC has a standalone app that allows folks to watch Fear the Walking Dead online as well as on their mobile devices (we can’t say we didn’t warn you about the app’s performance, however).
  • Sling TV has rights to stream AMC’s content, this would of course include Fear the Walking Dead.

Getting excited for the premiere? Any early guesses as to what is going to happen? Somehow caught a sneak peek and care to share your thoughts? Drop them in the comments below.