The Deuce is an American drama series for HBO. The show is set in Times Square, New York and created by former police reporter turned author David Simon. The first season consists of eight episodes and tells the story of how the porn industry was legalized in New York starting in the 70s. The Deuce also touches upon sensitive subject matter like the rise in HIV, drug-related violence and the spread of illegal drugs along with the real estate booms and frequent consequent busts.  Twin brothers Frankie Martino and Vincent Martino become the faces for the Mob, operating out of Times Square. Incidentally, it is also the home of a sex worker named “Candy,” who quickly turns her freelance career into an acting one in the porn industry.

The Deuce makes for a great watch, but we wouldn’t stick around at home just to watch TV, which is why below is how you can live stream the show online on just about any device.

Watch The Deuce Online Using the Official HBO Go and Now App

You can live stream all the episodes of The Deuce with the HBO Go and Now app for iOS and Android devices. The difference between the two is rooted in how you’ve paid for the network. HBO Now does not require that you be a cable subscriber and you can directly pay $15 to HBO, for the privilege of streaming shows online. The Go app will only work if you’re a subscriber to the channel via your cable service provider.

Live Stream The Deuce Online with Sling TV

If you don’t just want to watch The Deuce or maybe not be limited to HBO, then Sling TV is an excellent cable alternative. The cord-cutting service live streams dozens of channels with HBO being part of its Premium package. Starting at $20 a month the service enables subscribers to live stream other hit shows like The Walking Dead, The Strain, and various live sports via its app for iOS, Android, Chromecast, and Xbox One, etc. Which means that you can stream The Deuce on a device of your choice and not have to stick around at home.

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Watch The Deuce Online with AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is an online cable TV service operated by AT&T. The service includes a number of channels as part of its lineup with HBO being part of it. Though the service starts at $35 a month, with over a hundred channels subscribers that want to live stream The Deuce will have to upgrade to a package which includes HBO. But once they upgrade, the service makes it possible to live stream just about every channel via its app for iOS and Android devices on the go.


Streaming The Deuce on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Netflix and Hulu, unfortunately, don’t get any HBO shows any longer. Back in the day, there were a couple of shows available for streaming, but those were taken down sometime in 2016. So, don’t expect to watch The Deuce with a subscription to Netflix or Hulu.

Amazon Prime has an agreement with HBO. However, not all shows are available for download. We have no official word if The Deuce will be available on Amazon Prime.

Other Methods of Streaming The Deuce Online for Free

We are sure that there are other ways of streaming The Deuce online without having to pay a dime, but then again, you’re leasing your soul to the devil by doing so. Illegal streaming websites will land you in the slammer which is not exactly the best place for nerds or porn addicts!