How to Watch Sharknado 3 Online

watch sharknado 3 online

Update: Just as predicted, you can still stream Sharknado 3 online RIGHT NOW on SyFy’s website.

Yes… it’s back. If Sharknado wasn’t enough, and then Sharknado 2 still wasn’t enough, we’re back with a third installment of perhaps one of the most ridiculous movies on earth with Sharknado 3.

While many of you likely aren’t watching Sharknado 3 live, there looks like there are some positive signals that you’ll be able to stream Sharknado 3 online for free here shortly.

If you happen to be looking for somewhere to watch Sharknado 3 right now, you can stream it live on SyFy here.

But for those of you who missed it during its airing? Well, first off, keep tabs on the SyFy live stream above, as it will air multiple times in the coming weeks according to SyFy. Rumors that Hulu will also pick up the third edition of the finest shark trilogy since Jaws, have been floating around, as both the first and second Sharknado are currently streaming as well. No word yet on a date where it will be live on Hulu, but we’ll update you shortly.

Will Sharknado 3 be on Netflix? All signs point to yes as well because you can currently stream the first two films online, no sense keeping the good people of America from being able to watch the third.

What do you think? Does Sharknado 3 hold up to the first two?