A Christmas Story Live! Is a live musical television show apparently inspired by a similarly named film (A Christmas Story: The Musical). The show will be broadcast live on Fox on 17th December 2017. Matthew Broderick has been cast as the story narrator. Several new songs have been composed for the live musical according to rumors as well as a fresh take on several classics. The exact premise of the story has not yet been revealed though we’re assuming it will be along similar lines of the film.

If you want to watch A Christmas Story Live on something other than your television then below are a couple of ways to stream it.

Watch A Christmas Story Live Online Using the Official Fox App or Website

The official Fox network app and website are two of the best ways to live stream A Christmas Story. The app enables subscribes to the network to just log-in via their mobile devices and start streaming live. The same goes for the website. However, it will not work for people who are not subscribers. Alternatively, you could use the cord-cutting services mentioned below.

Live Stream A Christmas Story via AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW helps fans of shows like A Christmas Story Live, to stream it on the go. The service makes streaming possible thanks to a number of apps for various devices like iPhones, Android devices, and gaming consoles, etc. The service starts at just $35 a month, and in addition to streaming A Christmas Story Live, subscribers can stream Christmas specials on other networks like ABC, AMC, and Syfy, etc. Get the app and start streaming today for free via the button below.


Live Stream A Christmas Story Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is another service that will help you cut the cord this Christmas and enable you to watch all the special programming on the go including A Christmas Story. The service is cheaper at $20 a month, and you can upgrade to get more channels. As a matter of fact, you can stream close to a hundred channels with the basic subscription via apps for dozens of smart devices. Try it out for free via the link below.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Streaming A Christmas Story on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Netflix does stream a couple of Fox shows, but A Christmas Story may not be a part of it just yet. We are not sure if it will even be available later on.

Hulu has just about every Fox show, but we are sure that it’s not streaming A Christmas Story Live. Though we expect that it will be added later.

Amazon Prime allows fans of certain Fox shows to download complete episodes or seasons. So, we expect that once A Christmas Story airs live, it will be available for download, perhaps in 2018.

Other Ways of Streaming A Christmas Story Live and Free

Free methods are usually illegal in our experience, and we’d ask that you stay away from them. After all being naughty and infringing copyright law is not exactly going to just get you a slap on the wrist. So, unless you want to spend Christmas in prison, we suggest that you use the legal methods mentioned above.

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