House of Cards Season Six Premiere Date Set – Teaser Released

For those still watching, House of Cards will run its final season this fall, November 2nd. 

Netflix released promotional material today that showed the direction the series will take following the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations that quickly shoved the show’s start into hiding. He has not been seen in public since the allegations came to light.

Many people wondered if maybe the series would call it quits as is, not giving any sort of conclusion to the arc of the Underwood political dynasty. Netflix confirmed a few months later that the show would go on, sans Spacey, putting Robin Wright’s excellent Claire Underwood into the starring role of a series. 

One of the highlights from the series, Claire Underwood was always a driving force of the couple’s dynamics, and created for several interesting plotlines throughout the show’s previous five seasons. 

Now the weight of the series finale will be squarely on Claire’s shoulders.

Netflix has also released a short teaser trailer for the sixth and final season of House of Cards, with Claire Underwood standing next to the grave of Frank Underwood, clearly showing that the show’s writers will be killing Frank’s character off, likely in the first episode (if not simply suggesting his death through flashback dialogue). 

You can watch the teaser trailer here:

Also of note, the trailer’s split between likes and dislikes.

Fans of the show are worried about the final season being a detour due to Spacey’s legal trouble. That instead of getting the finale the writers were preparing us for, we will be watching an alternative timeline.

Regardless, we’re willing to bet this will be one of the most-watched premieres of any Netflix original series yet.