Here’s What’s New on NBC Seeso in March

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NBC’s standalone comedy streaming service Seeso has released the list of what’s new in their library. Subscribers will be able to get access to several original shows exclusive to Seeso.

You can see the full list here:


March 3:

  • The Cyanide and Happiness Show – New Episode 210
  • Before the Morning After – New Episode 110

March 17:

  • Bajillion Dollar Properties – Premiere Episode 101
  • Big Jay Oakerson’s – Premiere Episode 101
  • NY Funniest – Premiere Episode 101

March 24:

  • Bajillion Dollar Properties – Episode 102
  • Big Jay Oakerson’s – Episode 102
  • NY Funniest – Episode 102

March 31:

  • Bajillion Dollar Properties – Episode 103
  • Big Jay Oakerson’s – Episode 103
  • NY Funniest – Episode 103
  • Comedy Show Show – Premiere Episode 101

March movies (as of March 1)

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • Bring it On


  • UCB Show
  • Dave & Ethan
  • Sammy J & Randy
  • The Guest List

For those less familiar with Seeso, it’s NBC’s “slim” package of comedies made available for a few bucks a month. The concept is creating modules for their streaming offerings, meaning users can pick and choose a few services each for much less than standard cable packages and only pay for what they want.

NBC has plans to roll out several more similar services this year so stay tuned for more news on that front.