HBO Now Wins TIME Magazine’s App of the Year

hbo now subscribers

Finally, we got what we had been begging for.

HBO released ‘HBO Now’ this past year, and it was a huge stride in no longer needing a traditional cable subscription to access HBO (most importantly, Game of Thrones, but the other stuff is great too).

TIME Magazine has rewarded HBO with it’s “app of the year” title, beating out SnapChat, Periscope, and Starbucks Mobile Ordering, not bad company to be in for a mobile app’s premiere year.

From the TIME website:

HBO’s first-ever standalone streaming product gives viewers access to the network’s original shows, from Game of Thrones to Silicon Valley, for $14.99 a month without a cable subscription. It started life as an Apple exclusive, but now works across multiple devices.

HBO has expressed satisfaction with the app’s performance, noting plenty of signups as well as immense positivity for the app in the social sphere. In other words, people love even just the idea of standalone HBO access.

Now have droves of people abandoned their cable subscriptions because they can purchase HBO by itself? That’s not really the point. HBO Now was to attract those consumers who were already far less likely to have cable, giving HBO the opportunity to profit off of them.