Hannibal wins best show in Hulu’s March Madness competition

While most of the US has been focused more heavily on the NCAA tournament, Hulu set up its own version of a bracket competition, pitting our favorite TV shows against one another in a user-based voting challenge.

The grand final was this weekend, and Hannibal took home the top prize of Hulu’s “best in show” award, topping out Parks and Rec, another fan favorite, with a score of 59% to 41% in a dominant victory.

hannibal on hulu

Reading the comments in the above link show just how much fans, or ‘fannibals’ love Hannibal and promoted the competition feverishly to make sure their favorite show got the attention they feel it deserves.

Hannibal has also received massive critical and commercial appeal. The show follows ‘Silence of the Lambs’ character Hannibal Lecter in his early days, and his relationship with a young detective who is using Lecter’s services to help him cope with his own daily work. And of course unbeknownst to the detective, Lecter’s own serial killings are in full force.

The show has two completed seasons with a third season set to premiere June 4th, 2015 on NBC. We do expect the demand for Hannibal on various streaming services to hit an all time high come third season premiere, so we’ll keep updating this page as Hannibal becomes available on other streaming services.

Watch Hannibal Online:

Here’s where you can currently stream Hannibal online:

Netflix (Canada): Hannibal is currently on Netflix in Canada, but not in the US streaming library, hint hint, nudge nudge.

Hulu: You can watch the most recent episodes of Hannibal on Hulu, but none of the older episodes are currently available. There is a rumor Hulu will release the full catalog of older Hannibal seasons, but nothing confirmed yet.

Amazon Instant Video: You can currently stream Hannibal on Amazon Instant Video with a Prime subscription.