Grace and Frankie Renewed for Third Season

grace and frankie second season

As far as we’re aware, no Netflix original has been cancelled, in the traditional sense. Some of the shows have come to their rightful end, such as ‘The Killing’ but for the shows entirely created on Netflix, it seems as if the streaming service has given most of them a multiple season opportunity to develop.

While it certainly didn’t get as much critical or commercial appeal as most of its Netflix counterparts, Netflix original ‘Grace and Frankie’ apparently convinced Netflix that it was worth renewing for a third season, which the service confirmed this week.

For those of you thinking, “wait did the second season stream yet?” the answer is no, and in fact the follow up to the series premiere likely won’t show up on Netflix until mid-2016. Regardless, the series was given a pre-order for its third season, likely signifying that Netflix is happy with the series performance.

On its own, ‘Grace and Frankie’ has been relatively lackluster when compared to other Netflix series. The show certainly isn’t bad, but likely not for everyone. It tends to fall near the bottom middle of most lists regarding Netflix originals among critics, but if Netflix has the data to consider it worth it, then who are we to say otherwise.

No premiere date has been set yet for the third season, we’d confidently guess likely sometime in 2017.