Get Rid of the ‘Continue Watching’ Between Shows on Netflix

netflix next episode

You’re probably wondering right this very second, “if only there was a way to remove the continue watching alerts between shows, I could save hours a month binge-watching ‘Friends’ on Netflix!”

Well we’ve got some great news for you, as someone has built a Chrome extension that removes the ‘Continue Watching’¬†between TV shows on Netflix. You can check out the Google Chrome webstore for the plugin here.

From the app’s page:

“You know when you’re watching your favorite show on netflix and you are laying in bed? Yeah, sometimes this little box pops up that asks you if you want to continue playing. Now you can either install this app to remove that, or you can just get up and deal with it.”

We all know that nobody wants to “deal with it” so this extension is actually quite handy for those just far too lazy to, you know, click one button on their mouse or be bothered to move at all.

Some of you might be wondering who on earth could possibly be this lazy, and the answer is a ridiculously high number of people. This plugin is new, but we certainly expect it to be popular. Think about it, if one is¬†sitting in bed, dozing off during a serious binge watch, or perhaps in the middle of a serious ‘Netflix and Chill,’ there’s nothing cool about having to stop whatever you’re doing and click that pesky “continue watching” alert.

Think about it.