‘Galaxy Quest’ Coming to Amazon Prime as an Original

galaxy quest on amazon

Earlier this spring, word started circulating that Paramount Television was on the hunt for suitors to distribute a ‘Galaxy Quest’ reboot, based off of the 1999 cult comedy. 

EW reported this morning that Paramount has reached an agreement to release the show as an Amazon Instant Video original series. No word on cost or premiere date, but this is coming off the heels of an Amazon statement of their intent to go all-in on SVOD in the coming years, preparing to do battle with Netflix and Hulu for small-screen streaming dominance. 

For those less familiar, Galaxy Quest hit the big screen in 1999 with minimal fanfare right off the bat, but has since developed into a decent sized fan base of people who are most certainly excited about the news of more Questing. The show follows a group of actors abducted to run a spaceship when their cheesy television show is accidentally mistaken for a documentary of their actual careers. Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

No word if film stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Allan Rickman or Sam Rockwell will be joining this version, although we’d be willing to bet at least a few might end up signing with Amazon’s potential budget.

Once we get more news on this, including trailers and set photos, we’ll get you updated. Stay tuned.