Finally! Amazon Prime Video is on Apple TV

It has been years since rumors started circulating that Amazon Video would be available on Apple TV. But today, finally, after waiting for so long, have just installed Amazon Video on my Apple TV, so unless I’m dreaming, this is now a reality.

Apple TV users can now navigate through their app store and get full access to the Amazon Video library as long as they have an Apple TV v.3 or later. This is great news for everyone, and should also help raise awareness that Amazon has a fantastic video library available for all Prime subscribers.

There were lots of news breaks over the past few years suggesting this day was going to be arriving soon, but a pretty consistent back and forth between two of the world’s largest and most successful companies got really complicated. It seems that they have struck some deal, as what some thought would never happen has finally come to fruition.

Last month we reported that Amazon was struggling to keep awareness high for their Video product, with 37% of survey respondents suggesting that they hadn’t used Amazon Video in the past year (and in some cases had never used it). In a few months we will run this survey again to determine whether or not that number has changed now that Apple TV users will get full access to the app through their devices.