‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season One Coming to Hulu Soon!

fear the walking dead on hulu

A lot of people have been asking about when they can watch ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ online and now we’ll have our first shot at streaming the show in January.

Hulu announced on its list of what’s new in January that the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ first season will be streaming in its entirety for subscribers, giving them access to ‘The Walking Dead’ prequel on January 16th, 2016.

For those less familiar, from our earlier post:

The Walking Dead follows a group of strangers united following a devastating outbreak that has killed off most of civilization only to see them rise as zombies. The remaining survivors of course have their own entirely separate issues that of course make survival all the more difficult. The show has been well received by both critics and zombie fans alike for its complicated and twist-packed plot that creates some high intensity drama.

So what is Fear The Walking Dead? It takes place prior to the main Walking Dead story line and deep dives into the details behind just exactly why this outbreak took place. Fear the Walking Dead features a much smaller cast than its counterpart, focusing instead on a family as the zombie apocalypse takes place.

So some great news for those who have been waiting to get caught on on the show before the second season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ kicks up in 2016.

You can watch the series introduction here: