East Los High’s Third Season Now Streaming

east los high season three

Great news Bomb Squad fans – the third season of East Los High is now up and live on Hulu for your binge watching pleasure.

We had a chance to sneak in the first four episodes of the season, and let me tell you up front, the fireworks certainly kick off strong right from the get go.

For those less familiar with East Los High, the show follows a predominantly Latino cast, featuring dynamics most prominent in the Latino community as well. The show’s aim is to create dialogue around important issues facing those in the community by putting everything on the table in order to create interesting discussion on societal issues.

We recently interviewed Katie Elmore Mota, one of the show’s creators, and she has been so happy with how much creative freedom her and the team behind the show have been given with East Los High, and it sounds like this was one of the most fun seasons to create yet.

While the first two seasons were certainly great television, we noticed a huge step up in the quality of production and cinematography in the third season. Some of the choreography of the dances were some of the best we have seen on screen yet.

While we don’t want to spoil anything, let’s just say there’s some immediate intensity at the end of episode one that will pretty much ensure that if you start watching the third season, you might just have a little trouble stopping soon after.