Did Netflix Block Hola?

hola unblocker blocked

For those of you using Hola to access regions outside of your current country for Netflix, things might get interesting in the coming weeks.

Several readers are reporting that their Hola accounts are now blocking all external regions from their Netflix browsing. For example, someone in the UK trying to use Hola to access the US Netflix catalog are getting a message saying that they are blocked from browsing the international region.

No word from Netflix here, but we do expect that they would stay relatively mum on such a change.

For those less familiar Hola Unblocker offers a slightly dubious way of streaming international content for regions outside of your home country. It’s a popular way to stream shows and movies that might not be available on your account but that Netflix still has access to.

You’re probably thinking this is too good to be true. Well, Hola is in some hot water, for some less than savory tactics. The technical details can be read here. On top of that, Netflix and Hola kind of operate under a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, as Netflix certainly knows Hola exists, but most likely has turned a blind eye to the service, as to them, a subscriber is a subscriber, no matter the plugins they’re using.

Regardless, this current Hola Unblocker downtime could easily just be a temporary glitch, or it could be something more substantial. We’ll keep updating the story as we hear more.