Costco Is Apparently Considering a Streaming Service for its Members

Remember when if you wanted to sign up for a streaming service, there was basically one option and it was called Netflix?

The last five years have been absolutely insane to cover, and now here we are, with a rumor circulating that even Costco, the large US-based warehouse of six gallon jars of mayonaise and 300 packs of toilet paper, is considering their own streaming service.

While we’ll certainly wait and see what comes of this, it wouldn’t surprise us to see one of the US’s largest and most successful retailers jump into the streaming game.

Because, thinking back five years ago, would anyone have guessed that Amazon, once known for selling books online, would have jumped into the streaming game with Amazon Prime Video (or whatever they’re calling it these days).

It turns out that offering a streaming service is a great fringe benefit for membership services like Amazon Prime, and now Costco apparently wants in on that action.

While most people probably wouldn’t pay extra for it, it would be interesting to see what sort of content library a service like Costco would offer. Known for being notoriously cheap with their vendors, our hunch is that it would likely start off as a dump for b-list and c-list movies, long forgotten by their studios. But then again, if it’s just a fringe benefit who cares.

Costco dipped their toes into streaming in 2017, by selling a year subscription to Moviepass combined with Fandor.