Comcast to Expand Data Caps Drastically December 1st

comcast data caps

For our regular readers, you might notice a growing trend of articles regarding the Comcast data caps.

Comcast continues to expand this cap across the US, and with the latest news, is starting to push into bigger and bigger markets. This latest news, that Comcast is planning on expanding this data cap into Chattanooga, TN, marks the first time that Comcast is going to go directly against a city with municipal broadband.

This move is curious, perhaps setting up an opportunity to head to the courts against a city with internet functioning as a utility. Why would Comcast do this? Seems like it might be in an effort to set a precedent in the courts that Comcast’s ability to do business is affected by a government service. In some sense of irony, it might be Comcast’s attempt to argue that government internet services are non-competitive.

Comcast has certainly not been doing itself any favors on the PR front, as they continually argue that this data cap is an attempt to stop data hogs, and shouldn’t affect the regular user. But it’s actually very clearly an attempt to profit on a 1.8 million customer base of people who routinely use 300GBs or more per month.

It seems likely that customers can fully expect this program to continually expand into new markets until a large majority of Comcast customers are affected. This move into a competitive market will be an interesting one.