Comcast is Getting Absolutely Hammered in the Reviews Section on Amazon

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If you’ve ever wanted a chance to leave a review about Comcast somewhere on the internet, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever wanted to feel a lot better about yourself reading other peoples’ horror stories about the cable provider, now is your chance.

This week, Amazon and Comcast partnered, making it so people can purchase Comcast cable packages on the internet. Simple and harmless enough, right? Well, one thing this new-found partnership probably didn’t consider (or maybe they did and just don’t care?) is that products on Amazon are open for the public to review.

And guess who has made plenty of their customers angry over the past decade? You guessed it… Comcast.

Before going any further, we suggest you just mosey on over to the Amazon review section here and take a look at a product listing that has probably brought in the most one-star reviews in record time.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • Having Comcast has been the worst experience of my life. You are better off with anything else: FiOs, Google Fiber, Carrier Pigeon, anything.
  • If I had any choice at all, I would drop Comcast in a heartbeat. A cancerous abomination on our country.
  • I had Comcast once for a period of 4 years. Worst time of my life 🙁
  • This is the first amazon product that I wish had negative stars…

Thanks, internet, for giving us a good chuckle today.

(h/t DSL Reports)