CBS’s ‘The Good Fight’ Draws in 7.2 Million Viewers For Premiere

CBS lost a major series in the past year with ‘The Good Wife’ coming to a close. But it seems like they found a quick rebound, with this week’s premiere of ‘The Good Fight.’

Interestingly, though, the major focus of this new series isn’t specifically to bring in more viewers to the traditional broadcast network, but instead will be a focused marketing campaign for the CBS streaming service, Paramount Plus.

Moving forward, the only way to watch ‘The Good Fight’ will be through Paramount Plus subscriptions, meaning you’ll have to pony up if you’re hoping to watch the rest of the season. This is a pretty brave experiment for CBS, and one we’re certainly interested in watching develop.

This service gives back catalog as well as live streaming access to the CBS library, and just recently brought in the NFL to stream NFL games online.

From what we have gathered, both from CBS as well as through other sources, Paramount Plus has been chugging along nicely with user growth. Estimates put the service at around 1.5 million subscribers, not bad for a standalone networking streaming service.

Interestingly, Paramount Plus will also be home to the upcoming Star Trek series, which seems to be stuck in delay-purgatory. Regardless, by limiting the number of people who have access to the series through traditional broadcasts, there’s no doubt that Paramount Plus will see a massive subscriber growth once the new Star Trek: Discovery launches.