Can’t Decide What to Watch With Your Significant Other? Introducing ‘Netflix Settle’

Married? In a long-term relationship? Random stranger in your house looking to watch some TV with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re very aware that the struggle is real when it comes to deciding what to watch on Netflix.

Mashable made a parody video¬†of these scenarios, with a fake ‘Netflix Settle’ feature that ended all arguments among couples about what to watch.

netflix and settle

In reality though, this is something we all actually need. The Netflix homepage is extremely overwhelming with tons of “eh, that’d be alright to watch, but I’m going to keep looking” titles that creates a lot of anxiety when trying to make a decision. How nice would it be if Netflix just made the decision for us?

It’s an interesting thought, though, that often times our fear of picking the wrong thing to watch results in us inevitably turning off the TV. The struggle is real when it comes to making a 90 minute commitment to a movie that might end up being terrible. Netflix is long overdue for a “random episode” button, and we’re not sure it’s even something they’re ever going to build, but there are plenty of us out there who want something along those lines.

How much nicer would it be to have a “random show picker” or “random movie picker” right in the interface that learned your preferences and started making appropriate recommendations?