Cancelled TV Shows From Spring 2016, Will Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Pick Them Up?

The Grinder
The Grinder

Oh that tragic time of year, when most shows that won’t be getting renewed find out that their respective network has pulled the plug. One of our favorite things to do with these lists is to take bets as to whether or not any of these shows have a chance at being renewed or picked up by Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

Below you’ll get the full list as well as our thoughts as to what ones have a shot at getting saved by Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

Cancelled Shows on ABC

  • Of Kings and Prophets (2 episodes) – Not a chance, None of the streaming services are going to bite here.
  • Blood and Oil (1 season) – This show failed to get the ratings its ABC counterparts have. It doesn’t really fit the demographic of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, so we’re guessing this one is done.
  • The Family (1 season) – Interesting concept, but after the first few episodes the show lost its edge. Not a good bet for Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.
  • The Muppets (1 season) – We could see The Muppets getting a chance on a streaming service, maybe a fit for Hulu?
  • The Whispers (1 season) – Not a chance.
  • Wicked City (1 season) – Not a chance.
  • Agent Carter (2 seasons) – This one probably doesn’t end up on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, but could it end up on ‘The CW?”
  • Galavant (2 seasons) – Not a chance.
  • Nashville (4 seasons) – Nashville has kind of run its course. Not to say Netflix, Hulu or Amazon couldn’t give it some breathing room, but it seems likely Nashville is done.
  • Castle (8 seasons) – Castle on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime would have been great news a few years ago. But any show that makes it eight years has done it’s job.

Cancelled Shows on CBS

  • Angel from Hell (1 season) – Not a chance.
  • CSI: Cyber (1 season) – CSI on Hulu maybe? We could see it being picked up there, but Netflix and Amazon are almost definitely no-gos.
  • Extant (2 seasons) – Not a chance.
  • Under the Dome (3 seasons) – We’d love to see Under The Dome picked up by Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, but so far there hasn’t been any word here.
  • Mike & Molly (6 season) – Mike & Molly had a good run, but is definitely done.
  • The Good Wife (7 seasons) – The Good Wife will be remembered as one of the better TV shows from the 2010s. Will Netflix, Hulu or Amazon renew the show though? No. Expect the seventh season of ‘The Good Wife’ on Netflix early next spring.
  • Person of Interest (5 season) – Had a good run, but Person of Interest is done.

Cancelled shows on FOX

  • Grandfathered (1 season) – Hulu and FOX seem to have a great relationship, so perhaps there’s a chance for that relationship similar to ‘The Mindy Project.’ But Mindy had a few seasons, Grandfathered probably doesn’t get that same privilege.
  • The Grinder (1 season) – See above.
  • Bordertown (1 season) – Not a chance.
  • Minority Report (1 season) – Not a chance.
  • Second Chance (1 season) – Second chance? Not a chance.
  • Knock Knock Live (1 season) – Not a chance.
  • Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life (1 season) – Not a chance.
  • American Idol (15 seasons) – 15 seasons and countless memories. American Idol won’t be on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon as originals anytime soon.

Cancelled Shows on NBC

  • Heroes Reborn (1 season) – Heroes Reborn is done, just like the original which lost its way.
  • The Player (1 season) – Classic NBC drama, but we won’t be seeing this on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon as a new series anytime soon.
  • You, Me, and the Apocalypse (1 season) – Not a bad idea, and good for a few laughs, but this show is toast.
  • Truth Be Told (1 season) – Nope.
  • Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (1 season) – Could work on Hulu maybe, but probably too low of ratings to get a streaming renewal.
  • Mr. Robinson (1 season) – Nope.
  • Telenovela (1 season) – This show actually felt underrated, but who are we. Probably not enough viewers to justify a renewal.
  • Heartbeat (1 season) – Nope
  • Crowded (1 season) – Nope.
  • Game of Silence (1 season) – Nope.
  • The Mysteries of Laura (2 seasons) – This one we could see getting a shot on Hulu or Netflix maybe, but doesn’t seem likely with its viewership numbers.
  • Undateable (3 seasons) – We’d love to see this one get another run, but after three seasons the show might just not have anything left for a renewal.