Cancelled Shows We’d Love to See Saved by Netflix, Hulu or Amazon in 2016

We’re looking back on the year 2015 and seeing a number of television shows that only got one season to try and develop a mass audience on one of the major networks, only to get cancelled far too soon. We’re also looking at the list and thinking, “alright, a lot of these ideas were terrible.”

But let’s not focus on the bad, instead let’s send some good vibes toward some television shows that we think got cancelled way too early, and would love to see a major streaming service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon pick up this year, giving the shows a bit more time to grow.

Other Space

other space review yahoo screen

‘Yahoo! Screen’ is dead, rest in peace. The search giant (former?) decided that original television content wasn’t the direction they wanted to head, leaving in its wake one of the most original and fun comedies we’ve seen since ‘Red Dwarf.’ For those less familiar, ‘Other Space’ is the perfect low budget sci-fi you’ve been looking for, with crisp writing, a lovable cast and plenty of great jokes to keep you enjoying every episode. You can still watch the first season of ‘Other Space’ here, so not all is lost, but we’re really hoping Netflix, Hulu or Amazon picks up ‘Other Space’ and gives it a chance.

Marry Me

marry me

Two of the funniest network comedies of the past few decades starred Casey Wilson, ‘Happy Endings‘ and ‘Marry Me.’ Both were cut criminally short, as the writing team behind these two shows deserves far more credit than the ratings numbers would suggest. Here’s hoping Netflix, Amazon or Hulu will give ‘Marry Me’ more time to develop a loyal relationship with viewers.

The Bastard Executioner

Ok, fine, ‘The Bastard Executioner‘ wasn’t exactly the finest of prime-time, but we always had fun with it. It definitely wasn’t a ‘Game of Thrones‘ competitor either, but is that really what we all want? Let ‘GoT’ be ‘GoT’ and merely worry about offering some great entertainment. Probably the longest shot of being picked up by Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, but we’d still love to see a bit more ‘Executioner.’

Blood & Oil

Blood and Oil
Blood and Oil

ABC has a pretty solid formula for drama, and ‘Blood & Oil‘ certainly seemed to fall within that system. But for some strange reason, the series never really was able to grab much of an audience. Sure, it might have been more of a guilty pleasure for us, but so is ‘Scandal‘ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder.’ Another show we’d love to see picked up by one of the major streaming services.


Another causality of low “live” viewership, with most people tuning in online to watch ‘Forever.’ The series got cancelled after a full first season order, which initially gave viewers a false sense of hope. Regardless, we’d love to see ‘Forever’ get another shot from Amazon, Hulu or Netflix, definitely some potential here.

How about you? What shows would you love to see renewed by your favorite streaming services?