Cancel Comcast in Five Minutes with AirPaper

Ever tried to cancel Comcast? It’s an incredibly time consuming process, where you’ll be transferred around at least a handful of times, offered enticing deals to remain a customer, and in some cases harassed endlessly.

New startup AirPaper is working to make this ridiculous process easier for everyone. For $5, they’ll handle everything in the cancellation process for you, making it easier than ever.

The startup aims to do this for several processes that probably drive us all crazy, including registering for international visas, filing tax documents, and whatever else the young company’s user base requests. They’re fighting to remove beurocracy from our lives, likely by streamlining these processes and then selling the simplicity to those of us who don’t have 15 minutes to duke it out with Comcast over the phone.

From their website:

We make painful things surprisingly easy. It isn’t magic – it’s an “AirPaper”

cancel comcast

We can think of at least a dozen or so things that AirPaper could help us with on a weekly basis, from paying bills to fighting parking tickets, to filling out tons of paperwork, the list goes on. We’re excited to see the app develop.

We’re planning to expand into fixing other processes that are really more painful than they need to be. We’re around to answer questions/chat and we’re also available by email at”

What sort of things would you like to see AirPaper simplify for you? Let us know in the comments.